DASH GO Masha 2X

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Homemade applesauce

With the Dash Masha 2X quickly make apple sauce and other soft foods that are perfect for babies and delicious enough for adults! The Masha 2X is not limited to mashing potatoes, and can purée most fruits and vegetables into an ideal texture! Try carrots, green peas, avocado and more and get the creamiest soft foods.


Brownie mix

Think about all the possible fruits and vegetables the Dash Masha 2X can purée! Yet, it isn’t just limited to the green aisle in the supermarket. It comes with two cone attachments that also allows you to create the creamiest batter! Brownies, cakes, cookies, and the list keeps going. See how creative you can get with the Dash Masha 2X.


the guacamole (green)


Sweet potato casserole

Have a large family? Or many guests coming over for dinner tonight? Or maybe you just want a quick dinner for yourself? With the Dash Masha 2X, prepping a large amount of food is a breeze. Make family favorites, like sweet potato casserole, dips, hummus or guacamole, in minutes. Forget about a hand masher and the work that goes along with it. The removable rotor cones are also super easy to clean and are dishwasher friendly. With the Dash Masha 2X, you’ll be hardly working and able to enjoy the party!

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